For years, The Dog Spot and its owners, Andy and Chad Baker, have aggressively covered up animal deaths, injuries, and ongoing abuse occurring at its businesses.  But now, pet owners and former employees are speaking out.

We are here to help.  We know the pain this business has inflicted on the community.  Just as importantly, we’ve dealt with businesses like The Dog Spot who attempt to silence their victims through intimidation and harassment; and we don’t back down. If your pet was killed or abused by The Dog Spot, contact us today.


JUST IN: Judge Dismisses The Dog Spot’s $2,000,000 lawsuit against bad Yelp review

The greedy asshole brothers that run The Dog Spot, Andy & Chad Baker, rightly had their asses handed to them in court this week – TWICE, in two separate cases, the judge dismissing both with prejudice against them. They keep trying to sue their customers that say bad things against them for millions of dollars. Welcome to America, boys, where we can say what we [...]

The Dog Spot files a NEW $1.2 Million Lawsuit for Defamation – Against Their Competitors.

In the “we’ve been here before” file, The Dog Spot has now filed yet another lawsuit against someone it doesn’t like. Previously it has sued it’s customers for saying bad things in reviews, then Facebook users for saying bad things to each other, and all of those lawsuits went no where, and even the judge didn’t appear pleased with them. Now, they are suing their [...]

Dog Dies After Grooming at Spot’s Pet Supply & Dog Wash in Donelson – Owner Andy Baker w/Jules Woodson

Alice, whose last name we’re not using to protect her privacy, says she took her dog to Spot’s Pet Supply & Dog Wash in Donelson to be groomed.  The newly opened store is owned by Andy & Chad Baker, who also own The Dog Spot. Alice says when she picked up her dog from being groomed, she was sitting in a position like the one below, [...]

Owner says dog was “weak, hungry, & traumatized” after being boarded at The Dog Spot

Kathy Turner boarded her dog, Tara, at the Dog Spot Mt. Juliet on July 8th, and picked her up on July 15th. When she arrived at the facility to pick her up, she noticed that she was just staring out the window, being still and just looking out front, which struck her as very odd behavior for her dog, as there was nothing in view [...]

$2,000,000.00 libel lawsuit that The Dog Spot filed over a critical Yelp! review

The Plaintiff, a “doggy daycare” that does business as “The Dog Spot,” has filed the instant $2,000,000.00 libel lawsuit against Defendants Bari Hardin and Jamie Byer [sic] regarding a handful of critical comments that the Defendants posted on Facebook concerning the death of dogs in The Dog Spot’s care. (See Doc. #1.) The instant action also comes on the heels of a related prior action [...]

TWITTER: Attorney Daniel A. Horwitz

Hey @TheDogSpot37206, can you explain why everyone seems to know about a Yorkie being killed at your establishment except for you? By chance did you just straight up lie to @Fox17Ferrier in May when you told him that you only ever had "one dog die"? http://fox17.com/news/local/ferrier-files-east-nashville-doggie-daycare-sues-competitors-over-facebook-comments … » VIEW FULL TWITTER FEED

3rd Former Employee Speaks out: The Dog Spot (East Nashville)

Since the death of Lucy after visiting Spot’s Pet Supply for grooming last weekend, we have published affidavits of former employees of The Dog Spot, which is also owned by Andy & Chad Baker. Previous employees have described cramped conditions and more at the West Nashville location, and physical abuse of dogsunder the care of The Dog Spot, citing instances of dogs being hit and kicked [...]

Could Pet Death Spark Legal Battle Between Owner and Dog Groomer?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A dog's death may soon prompt a legal battle between a pet owner and a mid-state dog grooming service whose owners have dealt with legal trouble before. Alice Perez says she's trying to figure out what happened Saturday to her dog Lucy. She says after dropping Lucy off at Spot's Pet Supply and Dog Wash in Donelson in the morning, she came [...]

Donelson woman says dog couldn’t stand up after coming home from groomer

A Donelson woman says her dog couldn't stand up after a visit to a dog groomer. Alice Perez said she took her great Pyrenees Lucy to the grand opening of Spot's Pet Supply and Dog Wash Saturday and later that night that she had to put her dog down. "She is my baby, she was my big lap dog," Perez told News 2 of her [...]

2nd Ex-Employee of The Dog Spot Describes Conditions for Dogs in Affidavit

In a previously unreleased sworn affidavit, a second employee of The Dog Spot has come forward with details of conditions of at one Nashville’s most controversial doggy day care centers. This employee was at the West Nashville location, and worked there during the summer of 2017. The affidavit was sworn to and prepared for a court case involving The Dog Spot suing people that had [...]

Chihuahua dies at East Nashville dog day care

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Did a policy violation at a dog day care cause the death of a Chihuahua? The kennel says it was a terrible tragedy that is extremely rare, but the dog owners say it could and should have been prevented. Rachael and Matthew Waldrop said their two Chihuahuas, Hall and Oates, were inseparable from the minute they were born. But now, there's [...]

Former The Dog Spot Employee: “dogs were physically hit and kicked”

In a recent lawsuit filed by Andy & Chad Baker (owners of The Dog Spot & Spot’s Pet Supply & Dog Wash Donelson), the brothers sued 2 individuals for posting on social media, alleging libel, false light, and fraud, among other claims, for their posting on social media in reference to The Dog Spot. The case was dismissed with prejudice (CASE: 18C362). Though the judge dismissed [...]

East Nashville Facebook group admins

Here is a copy of the chat the owners of The Dog Spot had with the East Nashville Facebook group administrators.  The Dog Spot owners put them on notice stating, "you guys are all getting served soon".

Fake reviews by the Bakers about their own business

View this screen capture showing fake reviews by the owners, the Bakers, about their own business.

The Dog Spot Shuts Down Social Media Reviews, Posts, & Entire Facebook Page; Baker Twins (DogSpot Owners) Harass Neighbors & Tenants

The Dog Spot, originally here in East Nashville, and it’s two sister locations – West Nashville & Mt. Juliet – are in the midst of a social media meltdown. In the past 48 hours, the company has shut down reviews and posts to several of it’s Facebook Pages, and deleted all comments left on current posts and photos, within minutes of them being posted by [...]


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Lucy, a Great Pyrenees, who was euthanized after being paralyzed from a spinal cord injury suffered at a Dog Spot business.